Post-2002 Election Survey

With the realisation of this survey immediately after the legislative elections of 17 March 2002, the “Portuguese Voting Behaviour and Political Attitudes” project conducted not only the first academic post-election survey based on a representative sample of the continental Portuguese population, but also the first national electoral survey in Portugal. The questionnaire sought to explore several themes, including the impact of electoral institutions on the citizens’ political cognitions and behaviour, the assessment of the institutions and the democratic processes, the evaluation of leaders, the assessment of the importance of ideology, voting options, social and political trust, satisfaction with democracy, exposure to the mass media, perceptions of the state of the economy and extra-electoral political participation.
The field work, which consisted of 1303 interviews, was undertaken by MetrisGfk between 23 March and 8 April 2002. The database for this survey is available in a booklet published by the Imprensa de Ciencias Sociais; data corresponding to modules 1 and 2 of the Comparative Study of Voting Systems (CSES) is available at and in the book Comportamentos e Atitudes Políticos 1973-2002 (Political Behaviour and Attitudes, 1973-2002).